Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Look for Over-All Head Shape to Get a Likeness When Drawing People

When drawing someone the first thing to do is look at their over-all head shape. If you want to get the likeness of someone you are drawing or want to draw someone you have seen and want to draw them from memory, this tutorial offers the first tip on how to do so.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Learn Mouth and Jaw Shape for Drawing Faces

This tutorial describes the basic planes and shape or the scull around the mouth and jaw. Illustrators/ artists don't need to know scull and skeleton in detail but an understanding of it's over-all shape can improve your drawing greatly.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thinking in 3D Helps Drawing a Human Head

Even in a drawing the 3D factors of a human head play a big part. Thinking of the person you are drawing in 3D will improve your drawing a lot.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Introduction to Drawing People As You Imagine Them

Drawing People Can be use for illustration, to entertain and to convey stories.

Drawing Necks

Learn to "move" the head around on the body you are drawing.

Human Figure Drawing Lesson: Shoulders Part 1

The movement of the arms start with the clavicle.

Anatomy for Drawing: Shoulders Part 2

Movable shoulders make for a more convincing drawing.

Figure Drawn from Front, Human Eye View

Intro to figure drawing.

Intro to 3d Perspective

Drawing is about seeing in 3d while changing it in 2d.

What it Mean to Draw from a Perspective

Like in film, drawings are from different "camera angles." Examples: birds eye view, dog's eye view.

3/4 Perspective from Above

Learn to draw people as seen from above, bellow and from all angles.

What is Foreshortening?

Starting a Figure Drawing Part 1

Start by drawing the general form before adding details.

Starting a Figure Drawing Part 2

Starting a Figure Drawing Part 3

Figure Climbing Ladder Drawing Example

Move the central mass to create a feeling of 3d.

Best Way to Sketch Dynamic Posture

Draw the action first to draw figures showing natural movement.

Drawing Posture

Draw the main movements of a figure in action.

How to Draw the Torso Part 1

The basic shape of the human torso.

How to Draw the Torso Part 2

Under drawing the human figure.

Drawing Chest Barrel and Hips Part 1

A little extra care with drawing chest and hips position can make your drawing look more natural, in motion and 3d.

Drawing Chest Barrel and Hips Part 2

Drawing the human figure often starts with the chest.

A Video on How to Draw Movable Shoulders

Draw movable shoulder for a more convincing human figure. Good for action.

Beginning Stage of Drawing Arms and Legs

Using anchor points to draw legs and arms.

Drawing Arms and Legs

The basics of positioning arm and legs when you draw figures.

How to Draw 3d Arms: Part 1

Lesson in drawing arm shape.

How to Draw 3d Arms: Part 2

Learn to draw arms so they look natural.

How to Draw 3d Arms: Part 3

Advice for making your 2d drawing space work more like a 3d environment: drawing arm from scratch.

Basics to Drawing Legs Part 1

Simple approaches to drawing legs from any angle.

Basics to Drawing Legs Part 2

With some practice drawing the human figure can be second nature.

Drawing Legs

Part 3 in the basics of drawing legs.

Drawing the Human Head Part 1

The first steps of drawing the human head without need for a model.

How to Draw the Human Head: Part 2

Learn to "rotate" the human head while drawing.

Drawing the Human Head Part 3

Adding "Handles" to your drawing can help you position the head in 3d space.

Drawing the Human Head Part 4

These are ways of drawing a head from any angle.

Introduction to Drawing Hands

Point/ Counter Point Applied to Drawing Hands

How to Draw Hands Part 2

Part 2 On Drawing Hands

How to Draw Hands

Part 3 on Drawing Hands.

Preliminaries of Drawing a Human Fist

Action drawing: drawing a human fist.

How to Draw a Fist From Any Angle

The form a human fist is much simpler once grouped into simple shapes. These can be drawn from any angle.

Drawing a Fist Without Making a Fist

The Basics of Drawing a Fist

How to Draw Hands: Drawing a Fist

The shape of a fist follows some very basic forms.

Some Tips on Drawing Thumbs

Drawing a convincing hand depends mostly on the position and gesture of the thumb.

How to Draw Hands: First Things First

Hands are complex forms. There is a hard way of going about drawing hands, and an easier way.

Drawing Hands: Getting the Overall Form Down

Guides to making it easier to start adding the hands to the figure you are drawing.

How to Draw Hands: Derection

Consider the many detections that hands can face.

Figure Drawing Video Tutorial: Right Hand has Thumb on Left Side

When you draw a hand first consider witch hand your about to draw: the right one or the left one.

Figure Drawing Video Tutorial: Hands: Thumb derection

Correct a common mistake people make when drawing hands: make sure you put the thumb on the right side of the hand!

Figure Drawing Video Tutorial: How to Draw Thumbs prt. 1

The thumb moves out from the wrist. It faces different directions than the fingers.

Figure Drawing Video Tutorial: How to Draw Thumbs

Figure Drawing Video Tutorial: How to Draw Hands: Palms

Figure Drawing Lesson Video: How to Draw Hands: Thumb perspective

When you draw thumbs it's helpful to treat it differently than the rest of the hand.